Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exclusivity Issues

While I am not a fan of any Governmental agency telling a company telling a company how to operate something has to be done re cell phone exclusivity. It is not, no matter how you look at it, good for consumers in the least.


Well, for example, if every carrier had the iPhone then it would be a matter of who provided the best coverage, plan and service. Carriers would be forced to clean up their act. Right now if you want to use an iPhone in Canada and the United states you have only one choice. Sure, if you are the unlocking and jail breaking type then there are ways around that, but, I am talking about the majority here.

Now, unless you have money to burn, all of these fancy phones everywhere will not allow you to dump from one to the other. In order to pay what we're all accustomed to contracts will be in order. But when our contracts are due, or close enough that we can pay a small premium to upgrade we can do so at will.

I am not sure if everyone agrees with this, surely the carriers will not, but cell phone exclusivity has to go and soon.

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