Sunday, November 8, 2009

Google Chrome

I use a few Google products like everyone else. All of my personal mail is done through Gmail and I love using Google Reader to keep up to date. Just about the only Google product I take issue with is Chrome.

Now, while I use a lot of other Google products many of them share the same downside as Chrome. That is that they appear to be in a constantly unfinished state. Yes Chrome is fast, really, really fast... there is no disputing that. However, when you look at the options, the near complete lack of any polish in certain areas, it makes me wonder. I mean the browser is supposedly being released in Beta soon and there is ZERO ability to work with bookmarks???

It should be obvious from all of my posts here that I am a Mac user at home. Chrome, despite being in a "finished" version for Windows is STILL not officially released for Mac. There is no reason for it.

Anyway, back to the whole polish issue. Say what you will, Chrome will not gain the same sort of market share that Firefox and IE has until someone fixes it. I do not mean this to be insulting but people like shiny things when it comes to software. Us geeks will continue use Chrome despite its lack of glitz as we are more concerned with functionality.

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