Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Tablet Craze

It seems as of late that everyone is rushing to get a tablet computer out to market. This has been tried before and never really went anywhere. There has been talk regarding the mythical Apple tablet for a very long time now, despite there being no solid evidence there even working on one. Well despite the maker, or the operating system it contains, I cannot help but feel that they are not going to catch on in any significant way.

Given the price for a tablet, especially from Apple, that will have enough punch be worthwhile why not just get a laptop? Now there are circumstances where a tablet would be nice, sort of a like a coffee table computer for the masses with more practical uses for some industries. For the average user, given the cost of these units, it would make more sense to get a small laptop in the 13" variety. Yes, they will lack the touch screen but likely have more power to play with.

In regards to Apple am I the only one that it feels they may have been forced into this market? The device is going to underwhelm no matter what no considering the extensive hype. It is going to be expensive and that again brings me back to my solution... buy a laptop.

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