Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our electronic children

I know that I am not the only one out there who treats their prized gadgets as though they were kin. Just the other day while waiting for someone at a Future Shop I inadvertently sent my iPhone 3GS tumbling onto the ground. Now I have heard many a story of short drops onto non carpeted flooring doing major damage.

So there I was, seeing it flip through the air feeling my heart stop and the rest of the world around me. Sound dramatic? Considering that the warranty on the device does not cover dropping it and a new one would be in excess of $700, it was no small deal.

I was lucky in that it only suffered the smallest of dings on the bottom right corner. It may be the device is either sturdier than I assumed or I was just damn lucky.

So my question would be, do others obsess over their digital friends such as I find myself doing from time to time? We are all so increasingly tied to our devices, be them an iPhone, Blackberry, Pre or Android. Are we to dependant is another question. Everything now is a moment away. No waiting.

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