Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snow Leopard Days

I have been using Apple's new operating system now, "Snow Leopard", for a few days and have gotten a feel for what it is going to do for me. For now. That is the elephant in the room in regards to "Snow Leopard", in that much of the benefit for every day users is not there yet. Until applications really begin to take advantage of technologies such as "Grand Central Station" and "OpenCL" the benefits may not seem to spectacular.

Now I have an obsession about upgrading and trying out every bit of new technology that I can get my hands on. I fully understand that as a result I will have to occasionally battle with compatibility and other issues. So the question is if you are completely happy with how your computer works or you cannot risk downtime can you wait? The answer is yes.

Waiting for 10.6.1 or 10.6.2 likely will not impact anything that you are doing now. Given the price of Snow Leopard I can see developers requiring it in the future but that will not be in the immediate future. Not to mention some of those developers may not be so ready to cast off the PowerPC users such as Apple has done in "Snow Leopard".

Further Impressions

So far as the "new" features go I still have to say I like the new Quicktime but worry about the direction Apple is taking in removing so many high end features. I wonder if they have a card up their sleeve to release a new product to replace those features and leave Quicktime strictly for the masses?

Otherwise, to be honest, I am using my Mac the same as before. I liked the experience then and I still enjoy it now.

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