Saturday, October 10, 2009

Humble beginnings

Many of us who work in the tech field stumbled into the profession in one manner or another. My beginnings were doing front line technical support for a local ISP. I found the position after asking someone on-line one afternoon on IRC what they did for a living. They told me they worked for an ISP and as luck would have it, they were hiring.

You have not lived until you have troubleshot an Internet connection with Windows 3.1 using Trumpet Winsock.

In fact I think many of us started out in the support field and used that as a way to get our feet in the door. Yet more and more often, that lowly front line job is being out sourced. I am very grateful for having had the opportunity but worry that same chance is disappearing. Now I agree if you are persistent and want to get into the profession, there are numerous other ways. But still, given that it was how myself and many other people I know got into the business it is sad none the less.

As always, I am curious how did you get into the tech business?

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