Saturday, October 10, 2009

Out of touch

Ladies and Gentlemen I found the following quote here and found it to be a gem. The following is about the best definition of being out of touch. This is a prime example of the OLD way of thinking of controlling content within a walled garden. It is a dead or dying practice.

"The aggregators and plagiarists will soon have to pay a price for the co-opting of our content," Murdoch said. "But if we do not take advantage of the current movement toward paid content, it will be the content creators—the people in this hall—who will pay the ultimate price and the content kleptomaniacs who triumph."

Awesome right? Well the article makes an excellent point at what their real motive may be and I think it may be giving them to much credit.

The old ways are done and it is time to adapt or perish.

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